From symbolism, to psychology, to décor, to art—the most popular color in the world by far is the color Blue. Color is integral within our society and evokes a myriad of sensations and memories. Blue is found in nature, in pale Blue skies and deep Blue waters, which have the psychological affect of being and calm and serene. Blue also portrays stability and reliability and has even been proven that people are more productive in Blue rooms. Wisdom, inspiration, communication, and the gift of word and song are some spiritual beliefs associated with the color Blue. Colors have meaning and have been used as powerful symbols throughout time. Using various mediums, see how these four artists Stephen Cimini, Candy Le Sueur, Tatsuro Nishimura and Shari-Beth Sussman are bringing the magic of “Something Blue” into their art and inspiring our lives. The artists featured in this exhibition will explore the color Blue through an underling theme of abstraction through the use of oil paint, resin, acrylic paint and photography.

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